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Being in a Tight Spot Never Worries Me

Perennial of the Week: Phlox subulata – ‘Mountain Pinks’ Botanist John Bartram is credited with bringing Phlox subulata (commonly known as Creeping Phlox, Mountain Pink, and Moss Phlox) from its native environment to cultivated gardens in 1745. This low-growing, spreading plant thrives in the eastern and central United States, and tends to enjoy slopes, open…

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Spring is Here!

What’s in the Garden: Signs of spring are starting to appear and the Daffodils and Grape Hyacinths are flowering just in time for Easter. The Lenten Roses are in full bloom. The birds are returning to the area. The Forsythia are brightening up our landscape and pretty Pansy faces are reviving planters and pots as…

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Shady Beauties Seek New Digs

Perennial of the Week: Hellebores Known as the Lenten Rose, the Christmas Rose, and various other pseudonyms, the shade-loving members of the Hellebore family are not close relatives of the classic garden Rose at all. The flowers do resemble a single Rose, but unlike its namesake, the intrepid Hellebore blooms in winter and early spring,…

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