Ergonomic Gardening

Raised-GardenErgonomic gardening tools and techniques make this popular avocation accessible to more people all the time.

Raised garden beds make it easy to tend edibles and flowers without having to kneel or bend for extended periods of time. Varying the levels of the garden beds means that a child who is ready to start gardening can learn tried-and-true tips right alongside an older relative or friend.

Container gardening and miniature gardening also open a world of opportunities to gardeners of many ages and abilities. Small-scale gardens make projects do-able without a lot of stress and strain, and promote creativity and whimsy.

Ergonomically-designed garden tools, including lightweight and curved-handled models, ease the strain of repetitive motion. These days, ergonomic tools include pruners, handsaws, cultivators, trowels, and a good deal more. 

The right gloves can make a huge improvement in your gardening experience. Look for gloves with extra padding for added comfort, or those coated with rubber for a more authoritative grip.

If you’re investing in ergonomic equipment, look into kneepads and garden seats/kneelers.

Rohsler’s is here to help take the effort out of your gardening experience! 


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