For The Health Of It

A private yard is a blissful sanctuary that can help support your health. Rohsler’s is prepared to offer advice, designs, hands-on help with plantings, and anything else you require to make your garden your favorite place to de-stress.

Slow down and spend some time admiring the birds picking seeds from your Sunflowers, or watch the butterflies float across your meadow.

Practice yoga or tai chi outdoors to take full advantage of the soothing sounds of your backyard fountain or waterfall and the music of the birds, frogs, and insects.

Of course, gardening affords us an opportunity to exercise, so we improve ourselves and our environment at the same time. Even light gardening means you’re moving rather than sitting. Larger projects will help you burn calories and build muscle, but take care not to overdo it! Let us know if you need assistance.

Your plantings can also affect your mood. If Lavender is in bloom nearby, you’ll benefit from its soft perfume, which is known for its calming properties. The scent of citrus provides a wake-up call for the senses, and Bergamot’s scent is considered to be uplifting.    

Bringing homegrown fruits, vegetables, and herbs straight from the plants to your table is one of the healthiest things you can do. If you prefer to eat organic foods, remember that Rohsler’s carries organic seeds and plants in an assortment of gourmet varieties.


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