Versatile – Varied – Vivacious

Annuals at Rohsler’s Nursery

Once spring hits, gardeners want instant gratification. Rohsler’s Grown annual plants pack the powerful punch everyone is seeking for their gardens.

From the first flat of winsome Pansies or Violas to the last flower on Dianthus, annuals have it all. There is an annual plant tailor-made for every situation and climate. Whether you are looking for a plant to put in the sun or shade or a plant to put in a moist or dry environment, Roshler’s has it all. Roshler’s even has cold-tolerant annuals such as Snapdragons and African Daisies provide splashes of color from early spring through mid-autumn.

Roshler’s provides a diverse selection of annuals plants including Rohsler’s Grown annuals and varieties brought in from other top-notch growers. From borders, mixed plantings, hanging baskets, to container gardens, Roshler’s has it all.

Master Gardener Gail Moll, has been Rohsler’s “Annual Maven” for the last 11 years. She gets a real kick out of these versatile annual plants.

“I enjoy gardening at my own home, and I always plant annuals,” Gail said. “I’m excited because there are always new varieties.”

This year, Gail says she is looking forward to working with the latest Calibrachoas. (That would be mini-Petunias/Million Bells to most of us!)

Clients requiring large quantities of annual plants are invited to contact Rohsler’s to place a special order.

Perks of annual Plants

  • Stay colorful all season
  • Are easy to grow
  • Provide plenty of bang for the buck
  • Come in nearly every color, size, and shape
  • Grow well alongside perennials
  • Attract hummingbirds and butterflies — and can help repel garden pests
  • Are delicious! Herbs and vegetables are annuals, too.

Some annual plants require the removal of spent blossoms. This process can be referred to as deadheading. Deadheading allows the plants to continue blooming all season. However, other troopers like Begonias and Impatiens require less care.

The name “annuals” refers to the plant’s life cycle. Most annuals will only last for the year, or until they set seed. Deadheading lengthens the amount of time the plants continue to produce flowers. Consequently, removing past flowers on annuals like Marigolds and Seed Petunias can enhance the number of blooms and prolong the bloom time immensely.

Bonus: Many annuals, like Sweet Alyssum and Cleome, will re-seed themselves in your garden.