Miniature Gardening

Good things come in small packages

Looking for a way to bring unexpected whimsy and charm to your garden or home? Miniature gardening is perfect! These delightful little gems offer an element of surprise and charm to plantings.

Rohsler’s newest department Miniature Gardening is sure to delight all generations. We have a variety of miniature plants which have been specifically grown for miniature gardens and wide assortment of miniature decorative items. You’ll have a grand time combining these unique plants with mini decorative items creating your very own fairy kingdom. Plus, they’re so adorable, we dare you not to smile every time you pass by!

Fun for the whole family

Gardening doesn’t just have to be for adults. Miniature gardens are great fun for the whole family. What a fantastic way to introduce your kids or grandkids to the wonderful world of gardening. Believe it or not, the same principles that guide you in your “big” garden apply to the mini world as well.

Little itty bitty things, just what kids love. Little accessories help to let little minds escape into different worlds and let their imagination flourish.

Think miniature gardening is just for kids? Think again. Minature gardening is perfect for kids of any ages. Imaginative minds, young and old will get a kick out of all the little plants and accessories available for these creative and unique mini gardens.

Imagine a new world with Miniature Gardening

It’s a time to let your imagination soar. Here at Rohsler’s, we can help you begin your miniature garden! Check out our awesome selection of mini garden plants, and more accessories than you can imagine! Minature gardens are a chance to create your own special world. If you need help, just ask! We can assist you in putting together something special.

Come to Rohsler’s today and open yourself up to the excitement and wonder of miniature gardens.