Roses may be the most recognizable flower in the world, but even the biggest rose fan will find it difficult to name every variety available at Rohsler’s. Our collection of roses is one of the largest in northern New Jersey! When it comes to these beautiful roses, we have an advantage. Thanks to our participation in the David Austin Premier Partnership Program, we are able to offer varieties of roses that are often not available at other garden centers.

Take your time as you walk through our gardens and floral selections at Rohsler’s Nursery. Sample the scents of these classic beauties as you enjoy their wonderful colors and unique foliage. Before making your selections, there are multiple factors that you have to put into consideration before you decide! Will you be making a statement by planting roses of all one variety or go all-out with a fanciful, but carefully chosen mix. No matter what your desire we can help you make it come to life.

Choose from our great selection which includes roses such as, rugosas, hybrid teas, climbers, shrub roses, English roses, and more. The colors of our selection are as fast as the variety of plants. The colors can range anywhere from pale to deep pink and red to orange, gold, pale yellow, and even lilac.

Our selection also includes types of roses that can be placed in different areas. These can include, roses that are suited to pots, compact growers that make excellent hedges, and climbers that soften walls and other hard-edged landscape elements.

Before you plant your new roses, give your roses a healthy start by preparing the soil before you plant. Our knowledgeable staff can recommend appropriate soil amendments, fertilizers, pest and disease control products, and mulches. If you have never pruned a rose, please ask us for tips on when and how to prune to ensure maximum flowering. Need pruners? Check out our Garden Supplies.