Growing Organic Herbs & Veggies

What’s in the Garden:

We enjoy making it fun and easy for you to grow luscious, affordable organic veggies and herbs in your own garden. This Saturday, we will be hosting a very special guest AND offering great tips and a 20% Discount Coupon Off Coast of Maine products that will help you get your edible garden off to a healthy start.

Anita Dafonte to Visit

Get the latest gardening hacks on Saturday, May 6, when culinary/gardening expert Anita Dafonte from Coast of Maine Organic Products will return to Rohsler’s. Anita will answer your gardening questions between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. so you’ll have the official scoop on organic gardening and cooking with vegetables and herbs.

During her career, Anita has worked at “Fine Gardening” and “Kitchen Gardening” magazines, and served on the board of the Mail Order Gardening Association. She is a graduate of the Maine Compost School of the University of Maine Cooperative Extension. However, she “grew into” her interest in gardening.

After she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in economics from Manhattanville College, Anita returned to Connecticut to work with her family of bakers and caterers. She soon discovered that some of the best vegetables were hard to find, and decided to take matters into her own hands and grow them herself. She started by amending the soil with the aid of Coast of Maine Organic Products, including Bumper Crop® Soil Builder.

Frequent Rohsler’s shoppers know Bumper Crop® as the rich, dark growing medium we love to recommend. This product was formulated with vegetable gardeners in mind, but Bumper Crop® is great for perennials, annuals, roses, and more! This biologically diverse growing medium helps increase yield in container gardens, produce disease resistant plants, stimulate root growth and budding, improve drainage and aeration, and make cultivation much easier. It can even be used as a top-dressing.

Ask Anita how she uses this product and other Coast of Maine Organics to build and maintain healthy, productive gardens. She can also provide tips on using edible flowers to liven up your favorite recipes!

Attendees will receive a 20% Off Coupon on Bumper Crop in one cubic foot and two cubic foot bags, Lobster Compost in the one cubic foot bag, and Black Forest in the one cubic foot bag.

Note: These products are only available at independent Master Nursery Garden Centers such as Rohsler’s.

Organic Seeds & Plants

We still have plenty of herb and vegetable seed packets, including several organic seeds, in the garden center. Come on in and get your organic garden growing.

If you want to get a jump start, we recommend One Earth Edibles from Peace Tree Farms. These well-tended plants are grown in state-of-the-art greenhouses that carry the United States Department of Agriculture Certified Organic designation. Peace Tree Farms takes pride in using environmentally friendly, sustainable techniques to produce excellent quality organic plants. We are pleased to offer those plants to you!

As always, please bring your gardening questions to Rohsler’s and to Anita this Saturday from 10-4. We want you to get the most out of your garden, and look forward to hearing about your success. See you soon!

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