I Like Dark, Shady Places

Perennial of the Week: Heuchera – ‘Coral Bells’

Sure, your garden gets plenty of sun, but those darker, shadier places need some depth and color too! Meet Heuchera — also known as Coral Bells or Alumroot — a strikingly handsome perennial that brightens even the darkest garden bed. These undemanding, long-lived plants pump out beautiful foliage and flowers throughout the summer and autumn — year after year.

Heuchera has lobed leaves and tiny, bell-shaped flowers that are held aloft on wand-like stems. It will tolerate full sun with adequate moisture, but prefers partial shade and comes in a dazzling array of colors, textures, and shapes, making it the perfect alternative to Pachysandra. In addition, Heuchera is attractive to hummingbirds, and is seldom troubled by deer.

With Heuchera, you’ll get:

  • Compelling color in the shadiest places
  • Long-lived blooms & foliage
  • A more exciting border

There are dozens of varieties. Some have deep purple leaves with silver veins, some have a bronze or bronze-green cast, some are chartreuse, and others are a medium green with a silver sheen. Heuchera plays well with others, and combines handsomely with Ferns, Japanese Forest Grass, Hostas, and Azaleas. We invite you to come and browse our broad selection of Rohsler’s Grown Heuchera, which make colorful gems for the shade garden.

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