Naturalistic Gardening

 NaturalisticHeadHarmonious – Lovely – Eco-friendly

Bring the serenity of a woodland habitat or the excitement of a spring meadow into your own back yard with a naturalistic garden designed by Rohsler’s.

“Naturalistic gardens are the wave of the future,” says Eric Rohsler, who curates Rohsler’s Perennial Collections. “These aesthetically pleasing gardens mimic nature and blend native and exotic species.”

A well-designed naturalistic garden recreates a specific type of habitat, and effectively becomes its own ecosystem. Successful naturalistic plantings reflect the designer’s clear understanding of the complex relationships between plants and their environment.

Carefully chosen plants will produce the desired visual effect, benefit the ecosystem, and provide essential food and cover for insects, birds, and mammals.

In a naturalistic setting, plants grow in harmony and generally require less maintenance than traditional gardens.


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