Pond Maintenance

Rohsler's Pond Cleaning
Get your water garden off to a fresh start with an all-important spring cleaning. A bit of simple maintenance will reduce debris that has built up over the winter and give your garden an opportunity to thrive. Rohsler's now has several pond cleanup packages available. Please take a moment to review these options and pick the one that best suits your needs.

Filter Cleaning

  • Clean Bio Falls and Skimmer filter media
  • Check Pump for debris

Quick Cleaning

  • Complete Filter Cleaning (see above)
  • Drain water
  • Trim Plants
  • Remove large debris
  • Replace light bulbs as needed

Super Cleaning

  • Complete Quick Cleaning (see above)
  • Remove small sediment & debris
  • Power wash rocks
  • Reset loose rocks & gravel
  • Replace all light bulbs

Price Capped Cleaning
Every pond cleaning service that can be done within a specific dollar amount.

We will start this year’s pond cleanups as soon as the weather breaks and most of the pond ice melts. Rohsler's will call before we come out to service the pond to make sure that the power outlets are working and hose water is available. If the pond was drained, the fish and pond life will be handled in a professional manner -- as if they were our own. After the cleaning, the pond will be filled with enough water for the pond life to survive. If your pond system includes an auto-fill valve, that valve will be left on to fill the pond unless otherwise indicated.

Please call 201-327-3156 for more information.


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