Hanging Basket Special

$5 Off  Any Hanging Basket priced at $25.99 or more. WITH COUPON ONLY. Numerous varieties, NO LIMIT.

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All 10" Tropical Flowering Hibiscus Shrubs

20% Off  All 10" Tropical Flowering Hibiscus Shrubs. WITH COUPON ONLY.  Applies to 10" Hibiscus shrub form only. Trees excluded. Many colors to choose from. NO LIMIT.

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Exquisite Itoh Peonies in Bud & Bloom

A hybrid cross between Tree Peonies and Garden Peonies. Assorted colors to choose from.

Now 25% Off  Excludes Monrovia Plants


Potted Roses - The Area's Largest Selection

Hybrid Teas, Floribundas, Climbers, David Austin’s, Shrub, Tree Roses & more.


Rohsler's Grown Perennial Sale

Rohsler’s Grown perennials are completely acclimated to our weather conditions & temperatures, well rooted, and have strong top growth making them well suited for the garden. We specialize in native, shade and woodland perennials, ornamental grasses and sedges, numerous flowering shrubs, perennials and much more. Look for Rohsler’s Grown plants in the Branded Terra Cotta Pots.


Salvia - Sage

Well loved by butterflies and hummingbirds, and is deer resistant and relatively pest-free.

Perennial Plant of the Week Now 20% Off  5 pint & larger


Rohsler's Grown Old Fashioned Bleeding Heart

In Bud & Bloom! Choose from white and red varieties.

Now 30% Off  2 gallon containers


Coral Bells, Hellebores & Geum

Many varieties to choose.

Now 20% Off  5 pint & larger


Rohsler’s Grown Tradescantia - Spiderwort

These drought-tolerant plants are stunning when planted in groupings and add knockout color and texture to borders and meadows. Perfect for part shade to shade.

Now 20% Off  1 gallon pot & larger


Wide Selection of Herbs & Veggies

Our edible section is loaded with new arrivals of herbs, veggies, fruit trees, berries & more! Featuring certified organically grown herbs & veggies. We also have a fantastic selection of tomatoes and peppers including many heirloom varieties.


Rohsler's Grown Proven Winner Hydrangeas

1 Gallon pots in bud & bloom. Assorted colors available in the Cityline® and Let’s Dance® series. Enjoy beautiful color indoors, then when they finish blooming, plant them outside.


SallyeAnder Handmade Soap

We have a great selection of 100% Handmade Hypoallergenic Soaps by SallyeAnder. Many scents to choose from.


Visit Our New Pottery Patio

New arrivals of Glazed Planters in all colors, shapes, and sizes!  Come and browse our new displays.


Book Your Special Events

"Timeless Elegance in Decor, Details, & Design for All Weddings and All Occasions" is the motto that Robyn Rohsler’s Floral Designs stands by and thrives on to make every event a success. Whatever the occasion, Robyn Rohsler’s Floral Designs will make it spectacular! Call 201-327-7005


Save 10% on All Prom Flowers!

Wristlets and Boutonnieres in a variety of colors and designs.


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