Specialty Gardens

Cutting Gardens

Invest some time in a cutting garden, and you’ll be able to fill your home with fresh flowers throughout the growing season. Zinnias, Rocket Snapdragons, Celosia, Asters, Rudbeckia, Astilbe, Dianthus, and Helianthus make great cut flowers, as do Lilacs, Quince blossoms, and Hydrangeas.

Rock Gardens
Lovely and low-maintenance, rock gardens are perfect for those hard-to-mow areas. Rohsler’s is your source for rock garden plants and design ideas.

Miniature Gardens
These tiny treasures are a fun and fanciful way to bring plants indoors. Create a theme that reflects your personality and showcases your hobbies and passions.

Butterfly Gardens
Play host to our local butterflies with the plants they just can’t resist. As they draw nectar from your flowers – including Phlox, Liatris, Coneflower, Asters, and Hyssop -- butterflies help pollinate your plants. Species to watch for include Mourning Cloak, Red Admiral, Cabbage White, Common Buckeye, Comma, Question Mark, Spring Azure, and Monarch.

Hummingbird Gardens 
These pugnacious acrobats will entertain you as they sip nectar from your feeder, chase much larger birds, and feed on your Trumpet Vine or Lupines. Red and tube-shaped flowers are favorite treats for these tiny glittering gems.

Children's Gardens
Get your children into the garden by adding a playhouse made of wood or a tepee made of branches and vines. With a little help, children can easily manage planting seeds or seedlings in a small raised garden. They will take pride in saying they maintained it themselves. Note: One or two pieces of child-sized furniture will make the space feel like their very own secret garden.

Herb & Culinary Gardens 
From savory soups to spicy salsa, your meals will rate rave reviews when you cook with fresh herbs.

Rose Gardens 
Cultivate beauty and fragrance when you plant a rose garden. Roses need at least 6 hours of sunlight, and prefer the sun’s morning rays. Whether you prefer a formal garden or a casual English garden, you will delight in the fragrance and beauty of your roses.

Water Gardens 
Foster a Zen lifestyle by adding a soothing water feature to your landscape. The sound of the water, combined with the frogs’ nighttime serenade will make your water garden your favorite spot to relax. Our experts will design and install a water paradise just for you.

Moonlight Gardens
Night-flowering plants, which often bloom in white, release their perfume after dark to attract forgotten pollinators like moths and bats. Start your garden with Moonflower and Four O’Clocks. Then add some subtle lighting to your deck, trees, and patio to add a touch of sparkle to your evening.


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