Bulb of the Week – Ornamental Allium

Ornamental Allium (Onion) bulbs add a sculptural pop of color to your garden. They come in an array of shapes and sizes with beautiful globe-like blooms that range in color from pink to purple, yellow, blue, and white, with heights varying from ground-hugging to five-feet-tall stalks. The flower heads can be as small as 1-2 inches all the way up to a stunning 10-12 inches in diameter. Rohsler’s offers two varieties of Giant Allium bulbs, Gladiator and Ambassador that both produce spectacular lavender-purple blooms up to 6-8” in diameter on 3-4 foot flower spikes in early summer.

Alliums are drought tolerant and thrive is a well-drained sunny location. They are deer and rodent resistant and great nectar source for pollinators. The leaves of some Allium varieties die back as the flower stalks appear and begin to bloom. Locate bulbs where the fading foliage will be obscured by companion plants such as Perennials and Dwarf Ornamental Grasses. Alliums make great cut flowers. The flowers can also be dried and enjoyed for a long period of time. Rohsler’s has the best selection of bulbs in the area, including 14 varieties of Alliums. Plant a combination of these high-performing, easy-to-grow bulbs now, for a beautiful display in late spring to early summer.