Garden Center

At Rohsler’s, we have a great variety of plants. From well-known “bread and butter” favorites to rare and exotic plants seldom seen in North America, the selection is vast. We also grow an extensive offering of over 1,500 varieties of perennials.

Helping others achieve successful gardens has been our goal since Rohsler’s was first established in 1913. Our founder, European immigrant Herman George Rohsler, began by growing ornamental trees and shrubs for the landscape. Rohsler’s Allendale Nursery is now over 100 years old and in its fifth generation of passionate plantsmen.

Address: 100 Franklin Turnpike, Allendale, NJ 07401

What You'll Find at Our Garden Center

The Rohsler’s Grown brand includes native shrubs, plants for pollinators, ferns, ground covers, vines, ornamental grasses, ephemerals, and hybrids, just to name a few. These plants offer vibrant flowers and seasonal interest to your landscape, such as fruit, texture, and colorful foliage. We care about our environment, our customers’ and employees’ well-being, and the wildlife that shares our surroundings. Plants not only benefit us and our environment but also animals, like bees and other pollinators which serve vital roles on our planet.