Container Gardening

Container gardens make it simple for gardeners to overcome rocky or root-bound soil, and require less physical exertion than a traditional garden bed. Carefully chosen plantings also promise long-lasting color, texture, and charm in full sun, abundant shade, and tight spaces. So many plants thrive in containers, including Roses, vegetables, herbs, and a host of annuals.

Traditional wisdom calls for each container planting to feature a thriller (a showstopper, such as a Dahlia), fillers (complements to your specimen plant, like Petunias), and spillers (plants that cascade, like Sweet Potato Vine). This time-tested formula works extraordinarily well. Ask Rohsler’s designers for their best ideas.

Simplify & Beautify with Container Gardens

BYOC (Bring Your Own Container) or purchase one here, and let a talented staff member create a masterpiece for your porch, patio, or pool area. Be sure to mention whether the container will be placed in sunshine or shade.

We stock products from a variety of companies, including:

Get a Custom Look with Pottery

Elevate the appeal of your garden, deck, or patio with a pottery planter from Campania, Pacific Home & Garden, Michael Carr, Burley, or Border Concepts. Our collection includes nearly every color, style, and shape imaginable. Plant in glazed ceramics, cedar, terra cotta, cast stone, or cast iron to give your creations a custom look. Make a bold statement with colors and shapes that push forward, or let the flowers do all the talking by planting in a container that blends into the landscape. If you need assistance, Rohsler’s will design a custom container planting that suits your location.

Rohsler’s recommends:

  • Adding Osmocote to provide much-needed nutrients
  • Using organic potting soils and soil amendments when growing edible plants
  • Watering with care; container plants dry out faster than plants growing in a garden bed
  • Deadheading flowers that have finished blooming

Note: Small and lightweight container gardens provide you with the option of moving your plantings to take advantage of a gentle rain or a few additional hours of sunlight.