Tropical Plants

With their flashy blooms and enchanting perfumes, tropical plants really steal the show. Many tropicals are treated as annuals, but some will gladly avoid the winter chill inside your home and continue to thrive when they go back outside in late spring. Remember that these beauties will need plenty of sunshine and water, and must be protected from temperatures in the 40-degree range.

Make a splash with tropical plants

You’re going to love our selection, which includes top-quality plants that have been hand-picked by our in-house expert.

Jasmine’s subtle white flowers are lovely, but it’s their intoxicating scent that makes this plant a must-have.

Plumbago draws thrill-seekers with clusters of baby blue or white blossoms that combine well with other plants, including sunflowers.

Recreate a West Coast landscape with Bougainvillea’s ultraviolet blossoms.

California dreamers also love to plant Agapanthus, the powder blue pom-pom shaped flowers that grow throughout the San Francisco area.

The bold Hibiscus draws admiring glances for its extravagant scarlet, orange, gold, and pale pink flowers. These plants can be trimmed into topiaries, and will readily overwinter in a bright window inside your home.

Brugmansia recalls the tropics with its large leaves and huge trumpet-shaped flowers that feature an intensely sweet aroma.

Tall and lovely Canna Lilies make a strong statement as a featured element in a container planting, and can make a stunning seasonal “fence” when planted along the edge of the garden.

Croton’s colorfully patterned foliage adds panache to indoor and outdoor plantings.