Firewood Instructions

Rohsler’s Allendale Nursery bulk firewood is a mixture of select locally sourced hardwoods.   It is stacked on pallets and properly seasoned outdoors for many months prior to delivery.  However, firewood may still contain significant levels of moisture especially during a season with substantial rainfall.  We recommend the following tips for successful burning of firewood:

  • Buy your firewood early in the season and store it in a dry place so that any rain moisture will evaporate by the time it gets cold and you are ready to burn the firewood.
  • Most moisture is lost through the outside ends of the wood so storage should allow for the sides of the wood to be exposed for airflow.
  • A shed is an ideal place for firewood storage.  If not available, an outdoor wood rack or pallets set on the ground will work.  The idea is to keep the firewood off the ground for airflow.
  • If firewood is stored outdoors, the top of the pile should be covered and protected from rainfall and snow.  The sides must be kept open for proper ventilation.
  • If firewood is stacked on a deck or close to the house, do not allow the wood to touch the house siding.
  • It is a good idea to bring whatever firewood is needed into the home a day or two in advance of burning, so that it is dry enough to start easily.
  • Always use some kind of kindling or fatwood to start the fire.  Use smaller lighter pieces of firewood in the beginning to allow for maximum air circulation an easy starting.
  • At the end of the fire, push some pieces toward the sides of the fireplace.  These fragment pieces can act as a good starter for your next fire.

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