What Are You Doing For Mother Earth?

What’s in the Garden…

Earth Day is this Wednesday, April 22 and everyone needs to lend a helping hand in preserving Mother Earth.

Earth Day Network, the world’s largest recruiter for the environmental movement, is calling on people across the planet to plant trees. Their 2016 Earth Day Theme, “Trees for Earth, Let’s Get Planting” is a call to achieve one of their most ambitious goals yet —planting 7.8 billion trees starting now. See more at www.earthday.org/earth-day/earth-day-theme.

Trees help combat climate change, purify the air, provide shade and shelter for many animals, positively impact communities economically and environmentally, and so much more. Visit www.treepeople.org/resources/tree-benefits for additional information.

Dogwood Planting at the John Fell House
In support and observance of Earth Day and Arbor Day, Rohsler’s will be donating and planting a Dogwood tree at the John Fell House. The planting ceremony will be held April 22nd. The public is welcome. The Fell House is located at 475 Franklin Turnpike, Allendale, NJ.

We have a wide selection of trees, and will assist you in choosing the right tree for your planting site/landscape.

In Appreciation
Administrative Professionals’ Day (Wednesday, April 27) and Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 8) are right around the corner! Express your gratitude to the professionals who keep your workplace running smoothly throughout the year – and to the very special woman you call Mom. Visit our floral shop for flowers, bouquets, and arrangements that will appropriately convey your appreciation.


Sign of Spring
Bleeding-Heart (Dicentra spectabilus) in full bloom is a sure sign of spring. These shade-loving perennials are at their best early in the growing season, when they produce long, curved racemes of pink or white blossoms. Rohsler’s is now well stocked with plenty of this charming plant and other members of the Dicentra family. Note: Dicentra is our current Perennial of the Week.

Cold Hardy Herbs
Cold Hardy Herbs such as Chives, Tarragon, Parsley, Cilantro, Sage, Thyme, and Rosemary can be safely planted outside now. Growing fresh herbs close to your kitchen or outdoor grill will allow you to punch up the flavor in all of your dishes. Don’t forget that tender herbs which include basil and dill can be grown inside near a sunny window or under a grow light. Our veggie and herb benches are loaded with fresh plants just waiting to be planted into your garden or containers.

Hardy Aquatics Are Here!
If you’re working on your pond this spring, be sure to visit Rohsler’s for fish, plants, and fresh ideas. We now have Cattails, Irises, Lilies, and other hardy aquatic plants ready for your water garden.

Whatever your garden project of the week may be, we’re ready to lend a hand by providing the information that you need to make your gardening efforts a success!

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