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Succulents Are the New Roses!

Not exactly – but growing succulents indoors and outdoors has become a popular gardening trend.

What’s not to like? Most succulents are resilient, easy-care plants that continue to grow despite occasional neglect. After all, these plants grow in arid regions, and are adapted to store water from rain and mist in their leaves, stems, and roots.

Low-maintenance does not signify low-impact! Succulents grow in a variety of colors ranging from chartreuse, pink, and yellow, to nearly black. Some varieties reward growers with amazing, long-lasting flowers.

Many people recognize the Christmas Cactus and the Crown of Thorns, both of which are succulents that produce richly-colored blossoms. Additional varieties include Hens and Chicks, Jade, Echeveria, a range of Aloes, and Haworthia. This last plant looks like an aloe, but features striped “leaves” that spawned its common name: Zebra Cactus.

Rohsler’s greenhouses are overflowing with succulents in pots, dish gardens, wall planters, and terrariums.

Succulents are lovely alone in an attractive pot, or in striking groupings. Create your own “hanging garden” in a heartbeat with a Live Green Wall Planter, now available at Rohsler’s. This ingenious planter resembles a deep picture frame and features multiple planting spaces for succulents (or other plants). Once you’ve executed your design, simply hang your new succulent garden on the wall – preferably in direct light.

Rohsler’s will be conducting a Hands-on Workshop where we will be guiding attendees through the process of making your own Green Wall Planter garden. Join Gail Moll for this informative session, which will be held at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, June 1, 2016. The workshop is free; however, a small fee will be charged to cover materials, plants, and the frame. RSVP by calling the nursery at (201) 327-3156 or by e-mailing

Gardeners who want to add succulents to the landscape will want to look into planting varieties that include Prickly Pear Cactus, Sedum, and Hens and Chicks. These low maintenance plants prefer a sunny, well-drained site.

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