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Perennial of the Week: Hardy Geranium

Hardy Geraniums – not the annuals, but the true perennial Geraniums – are extremely desirable. Perennial Geranium plants are lush and hardy, and produce delicate, five-part flowers in profusion for months at a time.

These easy-care plants stand up to summer heat, and flourish in full sun to part shade. Plant them in containers and garden borders. If you use them as a ground cover, you will be delighted with their ability to halt weeds in their tracks.

Hardy Geraniums make succession planting simple. Varieties like “Rozanne” produce their large violet, saucer-shaped flowers from June through October.

In autumn, Hardy Geranium leaves turn a stunning maroon.

Many types of Hardy Geraniums produce pointed seed pods that are reminiscent of the beaks of wading birds. The appearance of these pods gave rise to the common name “Cranesbill.”

In addition to being beautiful, prolific bloomers, Hardy Geraniums resist pests, disease, and deer.

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