A Tribute in Red, White, and Blue

What’s In The Garden:

This Memorial Day, show your true colors by displaying a patriotic red, white, and blue tribute to our country’s fallen heroes.

Classic Memorial Day displays tend to rely on annual Geraniums, which feature gleaming white and “flag red” blossoms. Add some deep blue with sun-loving Petunias, Million Bells, or resilient Scaevola.

HangBasket2We’ll make it easy to display our country’s colors (and many other vibrant shades)  All you have to do is hang your flowers in a prominent location – no digging necessary! There are plenty of Rohsler’s Grown varieties available…and there is no limit on the number of baskets you can purchase with the coupon!

You can also “wave” your red, white, and blue by planting our re-blooming Hydrangeas. Mix or match from our extensive collection.Varieties include the Proven Winners “Let’s Dance Series” of Re-blooming Hydrangeas that flower in Red, White, and Blue as well as Cityline® series of compact Hydrangeas. If you prefer, try Blue Enchantress, Monrovia’s patented repeat-blooming blue Hydrangea with black stems!

Keep your landscape free of adelgids, borers, scale, aphids and other pests with long-lasting Bayer Advanced Tree & Shrub Protect & Feed. This dual-action rainproof, systemic product kills insects and prevents new infestations for up to 12 months while providing a slow-release fertilizer. Your plants will also be protected from Japanese Beetle damage.

Veronica-SpeedwellVeronica/Speedwell is now our Perennial of the Week! Add a splash of color to your garden with Rohsler’s Grown Veronica in assorted varieties and colors, including Royal Candles, Red Fox, and Eveline.

You know you resolved to treat yourself better (and eat healthier food) this year. Keep that resolution with USDA Certified Organic herbs and vegetables. Be sure to stop by to check the new arrivals coming in this week!

We also carry organic plant care products, such as Espoma Plant-tone®, an all-natural plant food made for vegetables, flowers, trees, and shrubs. Plant-tone® was designed to provide plants with a complete complement of nutrients and beneficial microbes. This product breaks down slowly, so plants continually benefit throughout the growing season.

However you decide to spend this Memorial Day, please take time to remember those who gave everything they had to forge and protect our country.

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