Fall is for Planting and Family Fun

maple-japfallFall is an excellent time to plant trees, shrubs, perennials and spring flowering bulbs. Ground temperatures are still plenty warm enough for plants to root in the surrounding soil.  Air temperatures as well as the sun’s light intensity are not as high or intense as the summer, thus the growing conditions are not as harsh and stressful to plants in general allowing them to begin to establish themselves in the landscape. Fall planting gives plants a big advantage once spring rolls around as they are ready to take right off with good growth. Adding some organic compost to the soil such as Bumpercrop and a starter fertilizer with beneficial mycorrhizae like Espoma’s Bio-tone at the time of planting will make a huge difference to the plant’s future success. New plantings need to be adequately watered as well to ensure that they go into the winter without drought stress. Mulching in the fall will also aid in the outcome of new plantings as well as existing plants in the landscape. Certain plants such as Hellebores and ferns actually put on their most growth during the fall due to the cooler temperatures.

bulbsNow is the time to plant bulbs for beautiful and colorful spring flowers. We have plenty of bulbs to choose from that are also deer, rabbit and ground hog resistant. Daffodil bulbs, Alliums, Grape Hyacinths and Snow Drops are just to name a few. We have many varieties of Crocuses, Hyacinths, Tulips and many other interesting bulbs to brighten up your spring and even winter garden. Planting Snow Drops, Eranthis (Winter Aconite) and Hellebores will give you color even in late winter-early spring even with snow still on the ground. Add a Witch Hazel to the landscape for another winter bloomer with really unique flowers that range from yellow to amber-orange. Amaryllis Bulbs and Paper White bulbs arrived this week for those of you who would like to grow some bulbs inside for some cheerful blossoms in the dead of winter.

Don’t forget to put your lawn to bed this fall with a winter/fall fertilizer. Liming can also be done if your soil is on the acidic side.  Rohsler’s carries both organic and traditional fall fertilizers. We now offer a bag of Fast Acting lime which covers 5,000 sq. ft. as well as granular and pelleted lime.

gentlegiantWe are running our fall hayrides this Saturday and Sunday and we also have Gentle Giant Brewing Company on hand again. They will be serving up some Smoked BBQ ribs, chicken and other surprises which customers have raved about every weekend in October. We will also be having live music as well this weekend. Touch N Go will be back by popular demand on Saturday afternoon and the School of Rock will be performing on Sunday. Please bring the family and friends and come visit us this weekend for some great food, fun and entertainment. Don’t forget to try some fresh pressed apple cider and cider doughnuts while strolling through our pumpkin patch. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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