The Gems of the Garden

Perennial Of The Week: Echinacea/Coneflower

Echinacea is a genuine garden gem. The plant commonly known as Coneflower comes in a startling array of jewel tones, and is extraordinarily well-behaved when planted in a sunny spot. Echinacea tolerates drought, and several varieties willingly spread when established in an ideal location.

Echinacea purprea, our native Coneflower, adds height, structure, texture, and color to the garden, while also offering a buffet for bees, butterflies, and birds. Other species of Echinacea have been “crossed” to produce new and exciting Coneflowers. Purple and pink are well-known varieties, but the new hybrids also bloom in white, yellow, orange, red, and pale green. Some varieties even produce fancy double blossoms.

Each flower consists of long, slender, colorful petals surrounding a spiny seed head that gives the Coneflower its name. Each long-lasting bloom will look equally beautiful outside in the garden or indoors as part of a cut flower arrangement.

If you leave your flowers outside, they will attract a host of visitors. Songbirds, especially the American Goldfinch, find Coneflower seeds delectable. Bonus: Allowing the seed heads to remain uncut will also bring winter interest to your garden.

Some of us know the name Echinacea through the field of homeopathic medicine. Employed as an herbal remedy for centuries, Echinacea is used to quell cold and flu symptoms and ameliorate skin rashes.

Our extensive selection of Coneflower is now in full flower. You’ll find nearly two dozen varieties in our signature terra cotta pots that bear the Rohsler’s Grown logo. We now carry Green Jewel, Magnus, Pow Wow White, Pow Wow Wild Berry, Prairie Splendor,  Profusion, Ruby Star, Virgin, White Swan, and hybrids that include Aloha, Big Kahuna, Chiquita, Flamethrower, Leilani, Cheyenne Spirit, Dixie Belle, Maui Sunshine, Solar Flare, Tomato Soup, Purple Emperor, Supreme Elegance, and Matthew Saul (also known as Harvest Moon). Some of the many varieties that are in their prime right now include “Tomato Soup,” which has tomato-red flowers, and “Solar Flare,” which exhibits magenta blooms.

Start your Coneflower collection today.

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