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Perennial Of The Week: Anemone/Windflower

Japanese Anemone is a bit of a misnomer for these attractive plants with poppy-like flowers atop graceful stems. Japanese Anemone is native to China, but was cultivated in Japan for so long that it naturalized in that country, leading many to believe it was a Japanese native. While Anemone is Greek for windflower, these plants actually perform better when planted in locations that are protected from the strongest gusts.

Plant these deer-tolerant members of the Buttercup family (Raununculaceae) in masses for the greatest impact. Your Anemone will appreciate a blend of sun and shade, and well-drained soil. In this region, Anemone benefit from mulch to protect them from winter’s chill.

The toothed leaves provide an appealing, textural backdrop before the blossoms appear, but once an Anemone flowers, it’s all about color.

The white, pale pink, and deep pink blooms of these plants appear in August and continue until the first hard frost – generally in October. Gardeners find these plants can be slow to get established, but once they take off, Anemone will spread via rhizomes, and can be divided.

These plants are great choices for borders, cottage gardens, woodland gardens, and for naturalizing throughout the landscape. Soil that is rich in organic materials is ideal.

We are now offering eight sought-after varieties of Japanese Anemone. Be sure to look for all of them in our signature terra cotta pots that bear the Rohsler’s Grown logo.

Lucky Charm reaches 3 feet tall and produces striking, fuchsia blooms. Pocahontas is a compact, tidy plant that reaches 18” tall and offers up double pink blooms. Another pink variety, September Charm, reaches 3-4 feet tall. Pamina grows 3 feet tall and delights gardeners with rose-pink flowers. Small but legendary, Red Riding Hood’s deep pink blooms appear at the top of the 18” plants.

Honorine Jobert is a white variety that can reach 4 feet tall. Whirlwind is another white Anemone that is tall at 4 feet, but this type has semi-double flowers. With its nodding habit, Dreaming Swan is aptly named. These plants reach 2 feet tall and produce semi-double white flowers with contrasting violet accents on the underside of the flower.

You are going to love these elegant beauties. Stop by today to choose from our wide selection of Anemones. We’ll look forward to helping you with your selection and answering any gardening questions. We’ll see you soon.

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