Plant of the week – Hardy Geraniums

You want it all, and Hardy Geraniums deliver. Hardy and adaptable, they will grow in a wide range of soil conditions in full to part sun. They also stand tough against heat and drought. Many varieties are also deer resistant, making them a welcome addition to the garden.

Try Hardy Geraniums as a groundcover in small spaces, borders, cottage gardens, and pollinator gardens. Bees and butterflies love them, and so do savvy gardeners.

If you’re wondering about the aesthetic merits of these hard-working plants, here’s the bottom line: they’re gorgeous. Their showy flowers range from white to pink to purple to blue and bluish violet. While some perennials bloom for a particular timeframe and then stop until the following year, Hardy Geraniums often produce a second round of blooms in late summer. We carry over a dozen varieties such as the infamous Geranium Rozanne and Azure Rush; a selection found from Rozanne that shares the same excellent characteristics but has a bluish flower.  Rohsler’s Grown Hardy Geraniums are grown locally and naturally at our nursery. 20% off while supplies last.

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