How It Works

BONIDE® will guarantee the life of your Ornamental Tree, Shrub, or Fruit Tree for up to 2 Years* from the date of purchase.

The 2-year Plant Guarantee From BONIDE®

Looking to receive the 2-year Plant Guarantee from Bonide®? All you have to do is follow these four simple steps for the Bonide Guarantee!

  • BUY any ornamental tree, shrub, or fruit tree
  • BUY and use Bonide® Root & Grow®
  • BUY the appropriate number of bags of Master Nursery Black Forest® Tree & Shrub Mix
  • FOLLOW Rohsler’s Planting Instructions and After Care in this care guide

BONIDE® Root & Grow® soil and plants purchased must be on the same original receipt, along with a picture of the dead plant(s). The guarantee covers up to $200.00 per plant(only). Planting and replanting costs are not covered. This guarantee does not apply to commercial applications or landscapers.

Once approved, Bonide® will send you a store certificate worth up top $200 per plant!

* All plants must be planting zone appropriate to be covered by this guarantee

Tips and Tricks

Follow Rohsler’s Planting instructions and after care, as well as these helpful tips:

  • Pick an appropriate place to plant by following the instructions on the plant tag.
  • Dig a hole two times the size of the root ball, mix with existing soil and Rohsler’s recommended Master Nursery Black Forest Tree & Shrub Mix.
  • Apply BONIDE® Root & Grow® over the soil as the roots are being covered with new soil.
  • For tree & large shrubs: Use 1 gallon of diluted BONIDE® Root & Grow® (3 1/2 tsp. per gal of water).
  • For small shrubs and ornamentals: Use 1-3 pints of diluted BONIDE® Root & Grow® (1 1/3 tsp. per pint of water).
  • After planting, wet the soil around the plant with water.
  • Keep the soil evenly moist throughout the entire growing season by watering when necessary. You can test to see if you need to water by sticking your finger about one inch into the soil near the base of the plant. It should be obviously moist, if not, then its time to water.
  • Use BONIDE® Root & Grow® every 4 weeks after planting for the best result aligning with the Bonide guarantee.