Miniature Gardening

Enter the Whimsical World of Miniature Gardening

Draw fairies, dragons, and gnomes into mystical worlds of your own creation. Our expanded miniature gardening department will encourage you to stretch your imagination well beyond the flower bed. Best of all, gardeners of every age and skill level can easily learn to create these diminutive, portable ecosystems.

Perfectly sized plants (including Rohsler’s many alpine varieties) and a host of Lilliputian accessories – like miniature houses, tiny stick furniture, fences, ponds, paths, gazing balls, and birdbaths – fill these smile-worthy gardens with fun and finesse.

When choosing a container, give yourself an “unconventional challenge.” Clever designers have made use of hats, shoes, baskets, boxes, broken pots, bird cages, wheelbarrows, and more. Miniature gardens can be designed to grow indoors or outside – and themes abound. One wry gardener put together a “red-neck garden” featuring mini beer cans.

Of course, custom-made mini-gardens also make fabulous gifts.

Ask for a tiny bit of assistance if you are just getting started, and be sure to check our Events page for details about our popular mini gardening workshops.