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Perennial of the Week: Hardy Hibiscus – ‘Rose Mallow’

Tall and lovely, Hardy Hibiscus produce dramatic flowers in white, pink, red, and purple that range from 5” to 12” wide! Hardy Hibiscus can range in size from compact forms 2-3 feet tall all the way up to 8 feet tall depending on the variety. Some varieties exhibit attractive bronze colored foliage as well as, interesting serrated leaves.

Hardy Hibiscus are native to wetlands and creek edges, and can be found growing in the nearby Meadowlands, New Jersey. These plants will also grow in seaside locations and along roadways. They will also do well in average soils with moderate moisture.

Although Hardy Hibiscus enjoy full sun, they can tolerate light shade.

Take care to plant your Hardy Hibiscus in sandy, moisture-retaining, slightly acidic soil. Dig a wide hole and add some compost or other organic materials such as Bumper Crop to give your plant a healthy start. Bio-tone is an excellent organic starter fertilizer to add to the compost at time of planting. Be sure to mulch around the base of your plant to help lock in moisture. Rose Mallow will benefit by preventing it from drying out which will adversely affect its flowering. Hardy Hibiscus typically bloom from late June to September depending on the variety.

Here at Rohsler’s we are growing the Luna Mix, a series of relatively small plants that still have show-stopping flowers. We also grow Crown Jewels, a blush-white variety with a pink center; Tie-Dye, a pink flower with white markings; Plum Crazy, a rich purple; and Fantasia, a deep pink. We also grow two impressive red varieties: Fireball and Robert Fleming.

Birds and nectar-loving insects are naturally drawn to these plants. You will be, too. Stop in today and check out our large assortment of Rohsler’s Grown Hardy Hibiscus in an array of colors all in bud and bloom!