Indoor/Outdoor Gardeners

We’ve reached that “in between” time of the year when there are plenty of projects to be done indoors and outdoors.

If you are decorating for the holidays, remember that Rohsler’s Allendale Nursery & Florist is here to help. Our floral department creates spectacular, unique designs that will brighten your holiday table or mantelpiece. Call today to learn more.

paperwhitesBring some color into your home this holiday season by planting Amaryllis and Paperwhites now.  Both choices are great for beginning gardeners, and produce rewarding results in just a few weeks – and for relatively little effort.

Paperwhites (Narcissus papyraceus) grow quickly and easily. If you grow your bulbs in a sunny spot, your plants will produce strong, sturdy stems. Plant your bulbs pointed end up and approximately three inches below the soil level. Paperwhites will also grow in pebbles or marbles and flourish in a shallow pot or bowl. Be sure to plant them close (about one inch apart) for the best display, and water well. You’ll enjoy clusters of white blossoms.

Caution: If you cut your Paperwhites, arrange them in their own vase. As members of the Daffodil family, Paperwhites produce a substance that is toxic and will cause other types of flowers to wilt.amaryllis

Do you love huge, showy flowers? Bring home some Amaryllis bulbs for a spectacular display. Our selection now includes bulbs that will produce white, deep pink, dark red, and white-edged red blooms. Amaryllis bulbs are weighty and produce tall stems with large, heavy flowers. Be sure to plant your bulbs in a sturdy container with adequate drainage holes. Plant flat side down and leave the top inch of the bulb above the soil. Amaryllis bulbs enjoy bright light and cool temperatures that range between 55 and 65 degrees F.

Amaryllis bulbs can suffer from overwatering, so give your bulb a thorough soaking when you plant it, but wait until the first leaves appear before you water it again. Do rotate the pot to provide the plant with even sunlight, and trim the flower stems after the plant has finished blooming.

tulipsIf you’re heading outside to plant, keep in mind that Tulips are our current Bulb of the Week. Tulips
are a perennial favorite that come in a wide range of colors, heights, and forms. Some Tulips produce lovely single blooms, while others are so elaborate that they resemble Peonies. There is a Tulip variety that will bloom during every part of the spring.  Some are variegated, like the Tulips that sparked the infamous 17th century speculative bubble known as Tulipomania.

We recommend that you stagger your planting (zigzag style) for a “full” look.

We also recommend Bone Meal or Bulb-tone organic fertilizer, crab shells to prevent animals from digging up your bulbs, and Repellex to keep animals from eating your flowers.

If you are entertaining outdoors, you’ll love one of our chimeneas or fire pits. You and your guests will enjoy gatherings so much more when you’re gathered around a glowing, crackling blaze under the autumn sky. We’ll even deliver the firewood.  We are looking forward to more of this splendid fall weather which makes gardening even more delightful and hope to see you soon.