It’s Prime Time (At Last)

Welcome to mid-May! The sunshine is back, the temperatures are moderating, and the hardcore gardeners are out in force. There is no frost in the forecast, so get cracking and get those Rohsler’s Grown plants into your garden beds. We have annuals, veggies, perennials, hanging baskets, container gardens, Roses, trees, and shrubs that are just right for your garden and landscape. Simply tell us if you will be planting in sun or shade and how much space you have.

heucheraWe’re Your Source

For years, you’ve known us as your go-to place for all of your perennial staples, like Coneflower, Lupines, Dianthus, and Coreopsis. Heuchera, commonly called Coral Bells, is the Perennial of the Week. We are also your (not-so-secret) source for native, rare, and hard-to-find plants, and David Austin Roses. We even have our own Rose expert on staff.

This year, our selection of plants, shrubs, and trees is better than ever! We have nearly every annual you can think of, plus ornamental trees and shrubs (including Azaleas in every shade) and gorgeous Hydrangeas. If you don’t want to plant it – we’ll do it for you.

Woodland Gardenswoodland_gdn

Love the woods? Simulate a piece of your favorite woodland landscape on your own property. Add some Rohsler’s Grown Dame’s Rocket, Solomon ’s Seal, or Mayapple. Those of you who love white flowers in your gardens will enjoy planting these three charmers together…and all of these perennials love the shade. Don’t forget about beautiful flowering Dogwoods, too.

Jack-in-the-Pulpit, Trillium, and Lady’s Slipper Orchids also enjoy shade, and add excitement to any landscape.

“Jack” is all about the spadix and spathe in the springtime. Later in the season, small clusters of red fruit appear.

Trillium plants feature showy tri-part flowers in red or white that appear above leaves that grow in groups of three. (So much for that rhyming mnemonic we all learned as kids. This plant is quite safe to touch, unlike noxious Poison Ivy.)

Lady’s Slippers speak for themselves. This is your chance to grow orchids outdoors. You have to see these tiny, delicate, elegant flowers for yourself.

Pollinators’ BuffetAsclepias-Butterfly

While you’re planting your naturalistic landscape, add something our native pollinators will love. Rohsler’s has been busy growing seven different types of native Asclepias (Milkweed) for your garden. We encourage you to add some to your yard this year. Your decision to plant for pollinators will help sustain the next generation of Monarch butterflies – and the complex, colorful, and fragrant flowers will add beauty to your yard.

Most varieties of Asclepias love sunshine, but Poke Milkweed (Asclepias exaltata) enjoys partial shade. That means there are more opportunities to plant one – or more – varieties of Asclepias this year.

Good Enough to EatTomato-ORGANIC

Our Annuals/Veggie Yard is well stocked with vegetable and herb plants, including heirloom grafted Tomato plants and over 25 varieties of Pepper plants. We also have plenty of fruits and berries, including Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries, Apple trees, Lemon trees, Fig trees, and lots more.

For all of you who have been waiting patiently: It’s time to purchase your Certified Organic vegetable plants. A special delivery from Peace Tree Farm is on its way!

Special Guest

Remember to visit us May 15 when Anita Dafonte from Coast of Maine, manufacturer of Bumper Crop, will be here. Anita will be answering questions about growing herbs and vegetables organically so you can enjoy the very best from the garden to the table. All Coast of Maine products, including Bumper Crop and Lobster Compost, are on special with Coupon only featured in Rohsler’s Picks this week.

Ask Us!

Please visit our newly expanded sales yards for a great selection of Rohsler’s Grown plants. We love to share our expertise with others.

Remember: We grow it. We know it!