Rohsler’s Plant Guarantee for Plant Installations

Rohsler’s Allendale Nursery guarantees all nursery stock to be in good growing condition so that with proper after-care (which is the purchaser’s responsibility), losses will be at a minimum.  Rohsler’s Allendale Nursery will replace any nursery stock that they have installed within one year, at full retail price.  This does not include the cost of labor for removal and replanting (determined on an hourly basis).  All claims must be accompanied by a sales receipt.

This guarantee does not cover the following:

  1. Plants that have been damaged or destroyed by an act of nature (i.e., storm damage).
  2. Plants damaged by neglect or physical abuse (improper watering, lack of appropriate after-care, animal trampling or foraging, etc.).
  3. Losses due to exceptional drought or caused by watering restrictions issued by state or local authorities.
  4. Plant material on sale.
  5. Plants installed into above ground containers.
  6. Transplanted plant material (customer’s pre-existing plants).

No warranty is made on perennials, annuals, sod, bulbs and houseplants.  No part of the guarantee is enforceable unless payment is made in full within thirty (30) days after date of invoice or according to special terms that may be arranged.  Interest is charged on all overdue accounts.

Note: The above guarantee is a one-time only replacement guarantee.