Plant of the Week – Asters

Asters are the harbingers of fall, adding stunning color contrast to the changing leaves, bringing sky blue, purple, white, and pink hues with their glowing yellow centers to your landscape. Many bloom for a month or more, starting between mid September and October and continuing until frost. They are one of the best late season nectar sources for bees, butterflies, and other pollinators. Asters are very adaptable and can grow in rocky and sandy soils, as well as in moist woodland habitats in full sun to part shade depending upon the variety.
To control plant height and promote bushiness pinch back stems before mid-July. If deer are an issue, check out our native varieties of Aromatic Asters (Aster oblongifolium), which have foliage that emits a balsam-like aroma when crushed, which animals do not enjoy eating. Long lived and easy to maintain, tall and small, we have an Aster that will fit your garden no matter what the size. Usually best planted en masse in groups of three or more for a dramatic fall display. Come in soon before they’re all gone!