Plant of the Week – Dianthus

Dianthus, is one of the world’s oldest cultivated flowering plants with over 30,000 cultivars existing to date. They add interest to the landscape with thick, linear leaves in shades of blue green to dark green, and stems that send up ruffled single or double flowers in white, pink, and red. Dianthus provides masses of color for border fronts or rock gardens and makes an excellent deer resistant edging.

They are easily grown in well-drained neutral to alkaline soils in full sun and drought tolerant, once established. Avoid planting in areas with poor drainage where crowns will remain wet. Dianthus blooms profusely from late spring to summer and sporadically in late summer to fall. To encourage additional bloom production deadhead spent flowers. Their spicy clove-like fragrance and longevity make them an excellent choice for cut flowers.

A new addition to Rohsler’s Grown perennials this year is Dianthus carthusianorum. It originates from the alpine meadows of central and southeast Europe. This variety has grass-like mounds of leaves topped with slightly fragrant magenta flowers. It looks great planted with ornamental grasses or in a modern meadow design.  Dianthus carthusianorum reseeds and naturalizes when content. It attracts bees, butterflies and the occasional hummingbird to the garden.

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