Plant of the Week – Kalimeris

You might not be that familiar with our plant of the week; Kalimeris, also known as Japanese Aster. They are fairly obscure in the United States but make an outstanding addition to any garden. Kalimeris is part of the Asteraceae family which is among the largest family of plants with more than 23,000 species. Some of the other species in this family are common plants like Black-eyed Susan, coneflower, and sunflower. Kalimeris is disease resistant, fairly drought tolerant once established and can be grown in full sun to part shade. While other plants may catch attention with a solitary bold flower, Kalimeris is covered in single, one inch, daisy-like flowers with yellow centers. They have an extremely long bloom time starting in summer and can be encouraged to flower again in the fall if they are cut back.  Kalimeris combine well with ornamental grasses, sedum, hyssop, and many other perennials. These prolific bloomers can be planted in mass or scatter around your landscape for summer and late-season interest.

We grow 2 varieties of Kalimeris; ‘Daisy Mae’ with a white flower and ‘Blue Star’ with a pale blue flower. Plants typically grow to 12-18” tall with dark green foliage. Stop in to add some of these versatile perennials to your garden, you won’t be disappointed.

Rohsler’s Grown Kalimeris are grown locally and naturally at our nursery.