Plant of the Week: Primrose (Primula)

Primroses are one of the classic signs spring has begun. As the days finally start to lengthen and the early spring sun begins to shine, they emerge in their full glory while most other herbaceous perennials still lay dormant. Perfect for speckling around in the woodland garden, they flourish in light filtered through the boughs of a deciduous canopy that will later thicken and protect them from the summer heat and sun. Adversely, they also work well in spring planters, easily brightening a deck, patio, or window box and can later be transplanted into the garden and replaced with summer flowering plants. Sometimes they will be used as a houseplant to bring color indoors but do not fare well inside long-term and should be planted once they have finished blooming. They come in almost any color imaginable making them versatile to use.

Good drainage is key with adequate moisture so be sure to plant in a soil high in organic matter with a slightly acidic PH, particularly leaf mold. Primroses need to be planted so that their crown is right at soil level and at least six inches apart. Rarely seen for sale outside of the spring season so come in and get yours today while supplies last.