Landscape Renovation

As winter ends, Rohsler’s landscaping professionals begin laying the foundation for beautiful lawns and gardens. Our Landscape Designers and their teams take on numerous lawn renovations each year.

The process begins with an evaluation of your lawn’s general health. During the winter, lawns in our region can suffer damage caused by detrimental fungi, grubs, and other insects that have survived underground. Last year’s extended drought also took its toll.

Rohsler’s pros assess the situation and provide solutions that may be as simple as re-seeding the lawn or as extensive as starting anew with an installation of topsoil and new grass seed.

Renovation services also include:

  • Lime to balance pH levels
  • Fertilizer, which keeps lawns green and encourages root growth
  • Weed maintenance
  • Thatch removal
  • Aeration

Rohsler’s staff will be delighted to suggest annual and perennial plantings and replacement plants, where needed.

If you are considering a garden extension, walk, patio, terrace, or other project, be sure to talk to Rohsler’s early in the season.

Add a high-end look to your landscape with detailing and mulch. The nursery’s crews prune as needed, and prepare your garden beds with a thorough cleanup and edging. They will ensure that gardens are weed-free, and may even add a weed preventer. Once the perennials are cut back and any erosion issues have been addressed, it’s time for mulch. Rohsler’s mulch options include the double-ground hardwood mulch made here at the nursery, cedar mulch, various types of pine bark mulch, hemlock mulch, and specialty varieties like pine straw and licorice root.