Step off the Stress Express

Perennial Of The Week: Lavender

Immerse yourself in the soothing scent of Lavender – your ticket off the “Stress Express.” The calming perfume present in Lavender’s foliage and flowers has been a well-known remedy for angst for thousands of years.

Common uses for this plant and its flowers include perfume, soap and bath products, room sprays, and potpourri. Lavender is also used as a tisane and to flavor foods, including vinegar. Those of us who practice natural, non-toxic home-keeping know that sachets and pomanders and dryer packets made with Lavender keep moths away from clothing and help keep you smiling all day long. 

Herbalists use Lavender as an antiseptic and as a remedy to prevent scarring. Crafters enjoy using Lavender in wreaths, dried bouquets and arrangements, and pressed-flower creations.

Gardeners gravitate toward this Mediterranean native for its eye-catching foliage and elegant flowers. Lavender features fragrant, needlelike silvery gray or grayish-green foliage that resembles that of the Rosemary plant. When they appear, the flowers are lavender in color, but can also be deep purple, bluish purple, mauve, pink, or white.

Lavender appreciates full sun and well-drained, alkaline soil. It will thrive when planted on sloped terrain or along a rock wall, and is drought tolerant and deer resistant.

We have selected nine varieties to grow for you: Grosso, Silver Mist, Big Time Blue, Edelweiss, Platinum Blonde, Hidcote, Munstead, Provence, and Phenomenal. Be sure to look for them in our terra cotta pots that bear the Rohsler’s Grown logo.

Grosso is extra large and extra tall at 30”. This variety’s silvery foliage makes a stunning backdrop for its deep purple flowers. Grow Grosso massed in borders for best results.

Silver Mist is a compact Lavender that reaches 16-20” tall and blooms from July through September. Its name comes from its shimmering silvery foliage.

Big Time Blue is a relatively low-grower at 20-24”, but produces 48” tall spikes with large, bluish-purple flowers.  

Edelweiss, as you may have guessed from its name, rewards gardeners with spritely white blooms. The plants have a tidy habit, reaching just 18” tall and remaining relatively compact.

Platinum Blonde is a head-turner that sports lovely variegated cream and light green foliage.

Hidcote and Munstead are two venerable, well-known cultivars with blue-purple flowers.

Provence and Phenomenal are hybrids that reach 24” or more in height. The relatively new Phenomenal features striking silvery-green foliage and exceptional heat and humidity tolerance, making it an excellent choice for New Jersey gardens.

Stop by today to experience our fine collection of Rohsler’s Grown Lavender. Lean in, take a deep breath, and choose your favorites. We’ll be happy to assist you in your selection and look forward to seeing you soon!