Native Plant Design

Passion - Quality - Professionalism

Rohsler’s skilled landscape designers are driven by a passion for plants. Whether they start a project with a blank slate or strive to revive an aging landscape, these talented professionals work closely with their residential and commercial clients to create upscale, cutting-edge designs.

Lead Landscape Designer Tom Wiss views his clients’ properties through a unique lens. His vision is informed by his Penn State education in art and architecture, and the knowledge he inherited from several generations of Wiss family landscaping professionals. Tom’s family includes three experts who have published multiple books on garden design and garden architecture. One of those volumes describes the public’s desire for foundation plantings during the last century.

“In the early 1900s, houses were built on stone columns, and the works of the house, including the furnace, were visible. Foundation plantings hid that,” Wiss explains. “Most modern houses are pretty right down to the ground, so I design to accentuate the house, soften the lines of the building, and make the house look bigger.”