Digging Deeper

Anna Jarvis: The Mother of Mother’s Day

Anna Jarvis (1864-1948) never married and never had children of her own, but her tireless efforts in favor of motherhood gave birth to Mother’s Day, a celebration known throughout the world. Not surprisingly, Anna was inspired by her own mother, who had already passed away when Jarvis launched her campaign for a day to honor…

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Trendy, Tried, & True

Succulents Are the New Roses! Not exactly – but growing succulents indoors and outdoors has become a popular gardening trend. What’s not to like? Most succulents are resilient, easy-care plants that continue to grow despite occasional neglect. After all, these plants grow in arid regions, and are adapted to store water from rain and mist…

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An Influential Pioneer: Julius Sterling Morton

A pioneer who moved to the American West in 1854 ultimately moved the West, East, North, and South to plant millions of trees. Born in Adams, New York, on April 22, 1832, Julius Sterling Morton was an influential journalist whose ardent love for trees helped establish our national celebration of Arbor Day. In 1854, Morton…

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