Container Gardening

Beyond Thrillers, Spillers, & Fillers

Beyond Thrillers, Spillers, & Fillers

Container gardening solves multiple challenges. With rocky or root-bound soil, sometimes it just isn’t easy to plant a garden. Container gardens promise year-round pops of color, texture, and charm in full sun, abundant shade, and tight spaces.

Container Gardening with the pros

Traditional wisdom calls for container gardens to feature three parts. A thriller, a filler, and a spiller. A thriller, otherwise known as, a showstopper, such as a dahlia. A filler, such as petunias, compliments your main plant. Lastly, spillers are plants that cascade over the container, like potato vines. If you want to push beyond tradition, ask Rohsler’s designers for their freshest ideas.

Rohsler’s has everything you need to create your own container garden by yourself. However, if you prefer, they will do it all for you. Either purchase a container at Rohsler’s or BYOC, Bring Your Own Container, then let a talented staff member create a masterpiece for your porch, patio, or pool area. Be sure to mention whether the container will be sitting or hanging in sunshine or shade. Clients are welcome to pick up their portable gardens at Rohsler’s or have them delivered right to their front door.

Upon request, Rohsler’s staff members will also visit your home or business. The plantings created by Rohsler’s staff reflect the season. From designs that highlight spring favorites through festive Christmas displays the options are endless and always unique.

Contain Your Exertion Not Your Enjoyment

Need to put less energy into gardening? Container gardening and raised beds allow you to enjoy growing flowers and edibles without the physical exertion needed to tend a traditional garden bed. Depending on your work area, you may be able to sit or stand as you work.

Container gardening allows for mobility and versatility you can’t find in normal gardening. Using small or lightweight containers gives the option of moving plantings. This mobility makes it easy to take advantage of a gentle rain or a few additional hours of sunlight.

A miniature garden, a close relative of the container garden, is another great way to make gardening accessible. Miniature gardens are perfect for those who prefer portable plantings.

Tools and equipment to help make any type of gardening more comfortable gardens are available at Rohsler’s.

Picking Pots & Plants

Coming in all shapes and sizes, containers at Rohsler’s Nursery, range from traditional to contemporary. The styles of containers include glazed ceramic pottery, terra cotta, cast stone, poly, cedar, and cast iron. Be sure to see Rohsler’s selection of Michael Carr pottery and décor while you’re visiting.

As you might expect, Rohsler’s plant choices include shade and sun loving varieties from the Rohsler’s Grown line and hard-to-find tropicals.

The pros at Rohsler’s recommend:

  • Adding Osmocote to provide much-needed nutrients.
  • Watering with care: Container plants dry out faster than plants growing in a garden bed.
  • Deadheading flowers that have finished blooming.