Naturalistic Gardening

Harmonious – Lovely – Eco-friendly

Bringing Nature back into the Garden

Bring the serenity of a woodland habitat or the excitement of a spring meadow into your own back yard with a naturalistic garden designed by Rohsler’s. Naturalistic gardening takes the individuality and creativeness of gardening and combines it with the already beautiful setting nature has already given us.

Interested in diving into the world of naturalistic gardening? Visit Rohsler’s today to find out more about this style of gardening and let our nursery staff lead you in the right direction. Let us help you begin the process by designing a naturalistic garden for your own back yard!

the future is here with Naturalistic Gardening

“Naturalistic gardens are the wave of the future,” says Eric Rohsler, who curates Rohsler’s Perennial Collections. “These aesthetically pleasing gardens mimic nature and blend native and exotic species.”

What better way to bring your home into the future with a natural, eco-friendly, and not to mention beautiful addition to your yard!

Create your own ecosystem

A well-designed naturalistic garden recreates a specific type of habitat. This garden, if done right, effectively becomes its own ecosystem. Successful naturalistic plantings reflect the designer’s clear understanding of the complex relationships between plants and their environment.

In naturalistic gardening, carefully chosen plants will produce a multitude of different benefits. The perfect plants will create the desired visual effect, benefit the ecosystem and provide essential food and cover for insects, birds, and mammals.

Purchase THe perfect possibility

When looking into plants for a naturalistic garden, the ultimate plant choice really depends on the type of habitat you are going for. However, some plants are almost always a perfect choice for this type of garden. Plants such as flowering perennials with a softer and more natural feel to them are perfect for naturalistic gardening. These plants add a pop of color and whimsy to the garden. Plants that are native to the area, as well as other wildlife-supporting plants, are also perfect. One of the most important parts of a naturalistic garden are ornamental and native grasses. Grasses may not seem like they would play a crucial roll in a garden but in these types of gardens, they are key. Grasses fill in the gaps left during planting as well as providing more texture and movement to the garden.

In the natural setting brought by naturalistic gardening, plants grow in harmony with the rest of the surrounding nature. The idea is for the garden to blend into the surrounding nature. Due to this, naturalistic gardening generally requires less maintenance than traditional gardens.

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