Container Gardening

Simplify & Beautify with Container Gardens

Container gardens make it simple for gardeners to overcome rocky or root-bound soil, and require less physical exertion than a traditional garden bed. Carefully chosen plantings also promise long-lasting color, texture, and charm in full sun, abundant shade, and tight spaces. So many plants thrive in containers, including Roses, vegetables, herbs, and a host of annuals.

Traditional wisdom calls for each container planting to feature a thriller (a showstopper, such as a Dahlia), fillers (complements to your specimen plant, like Petunias), and spillers (plants that cascade, like Sweet Potato Vine). This time-tested formula works extraordinarily well. Ask Rohsler’s designers for their best ideas.

BYOC — Bring Your Own Container — or purchase one here, and let a talented staff member create a masterpiece for your porch, patio, or pool area. Be sure to mention whether the container will be placed in sunshine or shade.

Plant in pottery by Campania, Pacific Home & Garden, Michael Carr, and Burley and Border Concepts. Our wide range of container choices includes glazed ceramics, terra cotta, cast stone, cedar, and cast iron. Make a bold statement with colors and shapes that push forward, or let the flowers do all the talking by planting in a container that blends into the landscape.

Note: Small and lightweight container gardens provide you with the option of moving your plantings to take advantage of a gentle rain or a few additional hours of sunlight.

A miniature garden – a specific type of container garden — is another great way to make gardening accessible to those who prefer a portable planting.

Rohsler’s recommends:

  • Adding Osmocote to provide much-needed nutrients.
  • Using organic potting soils and soil amendments when growing edibles.
  • Watering with care: Container plants dry out faster than plants growing in a garden bed.
  • Deadheading flowers that have finished blooming.