Rohsler's Grown

Rohsler’s Grown, what’s behind the brand?

Our varied and unique Rohsler’s Grown plants are raised and nurtured right here at Rohsler’s Nursery in our greenhouses and fields located in Allendale and Saddle River. Every perennial, shrub, and grass grown by Rohsler’s is acclimated to the environmental conditions found in our area and is more likely to succeed in your landscape or garden. Our plants are treated with care and are never artificially induced to grow or bloom at a certain time. This means when you purchase any of these plants you are purchasing high-quality plants nurtured to thrive not just survive. An ongoing tradition for over a century, Rohsler’s Grown plants continue to be cultivated with dedication and craftsmanship so you can enjoy a consistent level of quality year-after-year.

Select from our unique Variety

At Rohsler’s we have a great variety of plants. We grow an extensive offering of over 1,500 varieties of perennials. From well-known “bread and butter” favorites to rare and exotic plants seldom seen in North America, the selection is vast. Rohsler’s Grown is comprised of numerous natives, ferns, ground covers, vines, ornamental grasses and ephemerals like Trillium, just to name a few.

The Rohsler’s Grown brand also includes native shrubs, plants for pollinators, and hybrids. These plants offer vibrant flowers and seasonal interest to your landscape such as fruit, texture, and colorful foliage. Several of the plants in pots bearing the Proven Winners® logo are varieties introduced by Proven Winners® but are grown right here at Rohsler’s.

Plants for every season

Rohsler’s highly popular Hydrangeas offered at Easter are also Rohsler’s Grown. The same is true of the Rohsler’s Fall Mums and Poinsettias you purchase each year at Rohsler’s. There are also plenty of Rohsler’s Grown annuals and hanging baskets sold at Rohsler’s each year. The Rohsler’s family tradition of growing Holiday and Seasonal plants began almost four decades ago.

grown Locally and responsibly

Rohsler’s Grown plants are grown locally. This eliminates the shipping and handling of full-grown plants. Because of this, these plants have a relatively small carbon footprint.

Rohsler’s Grown plants receive responsible care from our dedicated Rosler’s team, so you can enjoy vigorous, long-living plants. We strive to fertilize responsibly, ensuring stronger, better-developed plants with strong roots and sturdy top growth. All in the efforts of providing the best possible plants for your garden.

Growing better plants with Rohsler’s Grown

At Rohsler’s we care about our environment, our customers’ and employees’ well-being, and the wildlife that shares our surroundings. Plants not only benefit us and our environment but also animals, like bees and other pollinators which serve vital roles on our planet. At Rohsler’s Nursery we:

  • Practice integrated pest management (IPM)
  • Use beneficial insects to help control pests.
  • Integrate biological fungicides and insecticides into our growing practices.
  • Incorporate organic soil amendments into our potting mixes.
  • Use beneficial microbes and fungi to help develop strong root systems in our plants.
  • Use compost teas that benefit our Rohsler’s Grown plants.

These sustainable growing practices are the driving force behind the Rohsler’s Grown brand. Our goal is to provide you with superior quality plants and expert horticultural advice. This way you will derive pleasure and satisfaction from your garden each time you step outside.

Your gardens success is our goal

Your gardens success has been our goal since Rohsler’s was first established in Garfield in 1913. Our founder, European immigrant Herman George Rohsler, began by growing ornamental trees and shrubs for the landscape. Rohsler’s Nursery is now over 100 years old and in its 5th generation of passionate plantsmen.

Growing practices have evolved over the past century due to technological innovations, but the love of growing and cultivating plants for the garden and landscape has never changed at Rohsler’s.

Our loyal customer base has afforded us a century-long opportunity to grow and offer quality plants and horticultural advice to our customers. We are grateful for the support of our loyal customers and look forward to continuing to provide you with Rohsler’s Grown plants. If you haven’t seen or experienced Rohsler’s Grown plants in your landscape or garden, please stop by Rohsler’s to learn more. We welcome you to our garden center and nursery to see firsthand our vast selection of Rohsler’s Grown plants filling our greenhouses and sales yard.

As always, your gardening success is our pleasure. Our expert horticultural knowledge, growing techniques, skill, and expert advice is the framework of the  Rohsler’s Grown brand helping ensure your gardening success. We look forward to establishing long-lasting relationships with our customers for many years ahead as an ongoing tradition.

There’s no time like the present to discover the diverse offerings of Rohsler’s Grown quality plants!