Back to the Garden: Early Spring Projects to Start Today

What’s in the Garden

The recent summer-like temperatures left dedicated — and even accidental – gardeners longing to shove a trowel into the garden bed. Since frost is still a real possibility in our area right into May, hardy, cold-tolerant flowers and edibles are looking like an excellent idea.

Just the sight of pansies and violas makes you want to get your hands right into the dirt. Flats and pots full of these little charmers in a variety of punchy shades are ready to go. Revive the planters on your front porch or patio, and get that first blast of color into your window boxes.

“Instant décor” is available, too. Rohsler’s has hanging baskets brimming with pansies and violas. All you have to do is give them a new home.

Remember that a bit of effort in the garden goes a long way, so keep deadheading your pansies and violas. (Translation: Remove any spent flowers.) This will keep your plants blooming longer.

If you resolved to take better care of yourself when this year began, you can take some steps toward bringing flavorful and healthful foods right to your doorstep. Potted hardy herbs are now ready to go outdoors. Rosemary, parsley, thyme, and several other varieties will stand up to whatever the early spring weather has in store. Rohsler’s also has fruit trees, berry bushes, and cold-tolerant vegetable plants just waiting for you.

Bumper Crop is a popular choice for those who would like to give their garden a boost and prefer to use an all-natural, organic soil amendment that is OMRI listed. Bumper Crop contains worm castings, kelp meal, Mycorrhizae, dehydrated poultry manure, and more.

Once you’ve started planting, it’s tough to stop. Keep the momentum by adding some more spring favorites. Candytuft, Columbine, Mountain Pinks, and Hellebores are a great place to start.

Give everything you plant in the garden bed a bit of mulch. Rohsler’s processes its own premium, double-ground hardwood mulch on site and there is plenty available via pickup or delivery.

Some plants that are now in bud and bloom, like Rohsler’s Grown Hydrangeas and bulb plants, will brighten the upcoming holidays. These plants should be kept indoors for the time being, but can safely go outdoors a little later in the spring.

Brightening up the house or table before your Easter or Passover guests arrive? Remember to order the perfect flowers and floral arrangements today. Whether you will be at home or away, flowers add so much to the celebration and Rohsler’s florist is ready to assist you.

Plants and flowers may be exciting to you, but your kids will really want to meet the Easter Bunny! They will have their chance Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Easter Saturday, and Easter during Bunny’s special appearances at Rohsler’s. See our Events section for details.

Spring gardening includes lawn care, too! It’s already time to lime, fertilize, apply crabgrass preventer, and seed. See what Scott’s Four Step can do for your lawn, and check out Scott’s Instant in Store Rebate available at Rohsler’s. Don’t forget to give a spring feeding to your trees, shrubs and perennials as well.

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