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What’s In The Garden…

After the long winter, your trees, shrubs, and roses probably need some pruning.

The experts at Rohsler’s recommend taking this time to tend ornamental grasses (before any new growth appears) and fruit trees. When done correctly, pruning fruit trees now will yield an abundance of larger fruit later in the season.

You will want to begin by pruning any dead material from your trees. Never make your pruning cuts flush with the trunk. Cuts should be made just beyond the region known as the bark branch collar, a distinctive swelling at the base of the branch where it connects to the trunk. The collar is actually interlocking layers of cells of the branch and the trunk that will allow the tree to heal properly if left intact after the branch is pruned.

Be sure to prune broken or “cross” branches.

Pruning helps shape your trees, shrubs, and rosebushes, and prevents disease by promoting air circulation and additional exposure to the sunlight.

A sharp pair of pruning shears is a must. Rohsler’s offers a wide variety of pruning shears, including the professionals’ favorite: Felco #2.

Gardeners should refrain from pruning spring blooming shrubs and certain trees. Specifically, do NOT prune Lilacs, Forsythia, Dogwoods, or other spring bloomers.

Care is also required when cutting back spring blooming perennials.

According to Rohsler’s experienced staff, it’s fine to rejuvenate deciduous woody shrubs like Caryopteris and Buddleia (Butterfly Bush) now. Some Hydrangeas can be pruned now, too. If necessary, Arborescens “Annabelle” and “Invincible Spirit” Paniculata can be pruned at this time, as can Involucrata “Blue Bunny.” Repeat blooming Macrophylla varieties, like “Endless Summer” and “Let’s Dance,” can be pruned in early spring or during the summer.

In general, Macrophylla and Serrata varieties of Hydrangeas should not be pruned in the spring. Wait until shortly after they have finished blooming in the summer.

Many perennials are now ready to be divided. In general, perennials can be divided while they are still small and are just coming into active growth. Day Lilies, Sedum, Hostas, Siberian Iris, and summer blooming Garden Phlox are a few varieties that are ready to be split. Remember to keep the plants in fairly big clumps to enhance their chances for success.

Success in the garden means taking action early. In our region, the last date of frost is estimated at May 15 (although frost can arrive later in May). That means it’s time to start a trio of popular vegetable seeds indoors. The Peppers, Eggplants, and Tomatoes you crave will be ready to harvest this summer if you get them going indoors now.

Remember to plant your Zinnia and Marigold seeds, too. Traditionally, Marigolds and Tomatoes are planted near each other in the garden because Marigolds act as a natural insect repellant!

Rohsler’s has just what you need to grow strong, healthy plants from seed. It all starts with the right growing medium – a fine-grade soil made just for tiny seeds and tender seedlings.

If the deadly “Damping Off” fungus has been an issue before, try using Milled Sphagnum Moss as a top dressing to the growing medium. This will help keep the tender seedlings from damping off.

Cow Pots are the ultimate in recycled products. These ingenious pots are made from – wait for it – composted cow manure! They are affordable and biodegrade quickly. When your seedlings are ready to head outdoors, you can plant the Cow Pot right along with the seedling. That means your plants won’t suffer from root shock.

Tried and true Jiffy Seed Growing Kits include nearly everything you’ll need to get started. This year, make your spring seed planting projects easy and enjoyable with one of these convenient kits.

Help your seedlings germinate faster with Heat Mats, and keep them happy with a Grow Light that will provide optimal lighting conditions.

It’s still too early to start some seeds, such as squash and cucumbers, indoors. Please read the seed packets carefully, or ask our experts for timing and tips.

If you just can’t wait to get flowers inside your home, visit our floral shop. Bunches of Dutch Tulips and stunning wrapped Rose bouquets are ready to go.

It’s Prom Time, and the floral shop now has special offers on Wristlets and Boutonnieres. Stop by today to learn more.

As you head outside this week, remember to give your lawn a spring treat with a GreenView product intended for this time of year. This company’s annual lawn care system will help keep your grass lush and green for months and months.

We still have an excellent selection of Pansies and Violas in living color – and even black and white! Yes, it’s fine to plant these cold-resistant flowers outside now.

Rohsler’s also has plenty of perennials in one-quart pots and larger. Mountain Pinks, Columbine, Candytuft, and many other choices await you. Be sure to check out our selection of Hellebores, the current Perennial of the Week.

Whether you’re working indoors or outdoors, we wish you a pleasant week of gardening!

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