Planting Time

What’s in the Garden:

We’re just a month away from the longest day of the year. Summer will be here before you know it!

The USDA’s official last date of frost for our area (May 15) has passed, and gardeners throughout the region are diligently working on flower and vegetable gardens, window boxes, and container plantings.

Culinary Delights

Garden fresh herbs, vegetables, and fruits make your best recipes shine.

Our well-stocked Annuals/Veggie Yard features a fantastic selection of herbs, including Rosemary, Peppermint, and Tarragon. Add a few heirloom grafted Tomato plants to your garden, and perhaps a few of our 25+ varieties of Pepper plants. If you like fruits and berries, bring home some of our Strawberry plants, a Raspberry or Blueberry bush, or one of several varieties of Grape vines. We also carry Apple trees, Lemon trees, Fig trees, and lots more.

We even carry Certified Organic vegetable and herb plants.

Contain Your Enthusiasm

containerA container garden is a little bit of exuberance in a barrel, bucket, urn – or any other object that can hold some soil.

Build your container garden with some of the high-performance annuals we’ve been growing behind the scenes. There are plenty of options, but gardeners generally like to use the thriller, filler, and spiller formula, which works well every time!

We have loads of “spikes,” both red and green, to add height to your container planting. Depending on the size of your container, you might want to substitute a Dahlia, Banana, Canna, a grouping of Angelonia, or Geraniums — all of which will grow tall and strong while producing dynamic and colorful blooms all summer long.

Vinca Vines, Creeping Jenny, and Sweet Potato Vines are classic spillers. The last choice comes in chartreuse and bronze hues, and adds interesting shapes to your floral concoction.

Fill in your creation with Million Bells or full-sized Petunias. including many varieties from the Proven Winner line. Choose from loads of colors, including Bubblegum Pink, Latte, Bermuda Beach, Royal Magenta, Limoncello, Moonlight Eclipse, and Black Cherry.

Outdoor Tropical Oasis

hibiscusOur tropical plants lend a little “island flair” to your patio, deck, or pool area. Bring home some Hibiscus plants, a Banana or Lantana tree, a Mandevilla vine, or one of our lovely palms. An artful grouping of these plants just might make you feel like you’re on an exotic vacation.

You really have to see our Hibiscus plants to appreciate them: Ours are full, lush, and loaded with buds and blossoms in yellow, orange, red, and pink.

Travel & Learn

We have some exciting events planned! Check the Events listing on our homepage today.

  • Make a Wall Garden with Succulents with our own Gail Moll.
  • Get tips to Attract Butterflies from the Bergen County Audubon Society. (details to be announced shortly)
  • Take a private, guided tour of the High Line and Battery Park with our horticulturists.
  • Learn about Perennial Plants for Pollinators, Milkweed, and more at the John Fell House Summer Garden Tea.

Garden Visitors

deerIf you’re like most people in our area, you have White-tailed Deer in your garden.

Even those of us who are fond of these animals are not particularly excited about having our gardening projects undone by hungry herds.

What’s a gardener to do? Before you start building a walled fortress, stop by our garden center. Rohsler’s has multiple solutions, including deer repellents such as Deer Out™ and a host of plants that are appealing to humans, but not to deer. Rohsler’s Perennial of the Week is Hardy Geranium in assorted varieties. Hardy Geraniums are extremely deer resistant and are available in many colors and shapes, including upright and spreading forms.

Enjoy the warmer weather that lies ahead while out in your garden.

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