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Perennial Of The Week: hardy Hibiscus/Rose Mallow

Make a dramatic statement with tall and lovely Hardy Hibiscus. These stunning plants will stop traffic with huge flowers in white, pink, red, and purple that range from 5” to 12” wide! Some varieties of these perennials can grow up to 8’ tall in a single season.

Also called Rose Mallow, Hardy Hibiscus is native to wetlands and creek edges, and can be found growing in nearby Jamaica Bay (Queens), New York, and at DeKorte Park in East Rutherford. These plants also grow in seaside locations and along roadways.

The decidedly easy-going Hardy Hibiscus enjoys full sun, but will still do well in partial shade.

Give your Hardy Hibiscus a healthy start in sandy, moisture-retaining, slightly acidic soil. Dig a wide hole and add some compost or other organic materials. Be sure to mulch around the base of your plant to help lock in moisture. If your Hardy Hibiscus dries out, it will stop blooming.

We currently have a selection of seven top-performing varieties of Rohsler’s Grown Hardy Hibiscus. You’ll find them in our signature terra cotta pots that bear the Rohsler’s Grown logo. Check out Pink Elephant, which produces 12” wide ruffled pink blooms with deep red centers. We also grow Crown Jewels, a blush-white variety with a pink center; Tie-Dye, a pink flower with white markings; Plum Crazy, a rich purple; and Fantasia, a deep pink. We also grow two impressive red varieties: Fireball and Robert Fleming.

Hardy Hibiscus isn’t just another pretty face. These plants are perfect for pollinator gardens, since birds and nectar-loving insects are naturally drawn to the huge, gorgeous blossoms. Humans are, too, so get ready to answer your friends’ and neighbors’ questions about your new plants! This week all varieties of Hardy Hibiscus are 25% Off and are loaded with huge vibrant flowers. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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